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14 Nov

… as in “incroyable,” the French version of “incredible.” We shouldn’t always be bound by the rules of language. Neither should our makeup. Words can only express so much, and at times language seems to offer a too narrow range of meanings, symbols, or significations to truly capture our feelings. Instead of talking, or writing, let’s just marvel and swoon together at…

these paperself eye flutters in all their festive, ephemeral glory. :

{Click on the images to get to the site}


Under the Sea flutters

Twin Horses falsies

Twin Horses flutters

London skyline flutters

London skyline flutters

… the vivid Sandra Holmbom, who incorporates the flutters as she transforms her eyelids into landscapes:

sandra - butterflies

She is incredibly talented, and self-taught:


And can do a whole range of looks:

sandra  - painting

Paint Me Like One of My Paintings

Frosty nails

Frosty nails

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

Sandra, my hat off to you.


Images sourced from Paperself and Sandra Holmbom. Click the image boxes to enter into their sites.


20 Jun

Christ on a cracker! I’ve just noticed some grammar and language issues in some of the earlier posts! I could blame it on wordpress for not saving correctly, but that wouldn’t be very fair. My beezy you beaus and belles. I will edit.

In the meantime, edit your errors with Desert Essence Facial Scrub Gentle Stimulating. It’ll give you a thorough cleanse of this horrid pollen New York has bestowed upon us. This is a very nice scrub for those with sensitive skin.


Las Vegas desert land in 1950s photo source (Life Magazine)