The Humble Sex Queen Vanilla Bean

14 May

You want to get all lusted after? Wear vanilla. Or maybe just wear bacon lube.

The current favorites:

Boyfriend by the faux OB/GYN herself, Ms. Addison Walker.

Boyfriend - Boyfriend

Oh man. This will make you want to take a bite out of your wrists. If you’re into cannibalism, just spritz spritz this all over and lay down naked on a bed of muffin tins.

Hanae Mori’s Butterfly

Go forth you flutterbys with Hanae Mori’s delicious perfume. This is a warmer, stronger scent than “Boyfriend” but is absolutely fetching.

This is for your more “mature” dates, the one’s where you get all gussied up and break out the heels and go somewhere super shmancy for dinner– the kinda place where you probably couldn’t get into least alone want to go to on your own. You know what I’m talking about.

What are your favorite vanilla based spritzes? Lemme know!


Mata Hair photo credit

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